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Jiangsu City Vocational College (JCVC),with modern distance education technology system integration platform, is a new-style full-time general college of higher education authorized by People's Government of Jiangsu Province, which provides openeducation for people from Jiangsu province and the Yangtze River Delta.The headquater of JCVC is located in the elegant and graceful city of Nanjing, the capital of six ancient dynasties. It has four campuses:Yingtian,Yijiang Gate, DinghuaiDate and East Dinghuai Gate . JCVC was approved to begin to recruit students in2006 and registered in the Chinese Ministry of Education in 2007.

Sinceits establishment, following the instruction on the direction of running schoolby the People's Government of Jiangsu Province and the education authorities of Jiangsuprovince. JCVC has been actively exploring to build the new mode of running school openly of higher vocational education with a modern distance open education technology as the core competitiveness. In a short time, it has built itself into a college with reasonable layout, scientific structure,moderate scale, obvious efficiency. Adhereing to School-enterprise cooperation and work-study combination, JCVC has overall optimized personnel training programs, built and has been improving the training mode of “unityin study and work” “multi-certificates integration”, aiming at cultivatethe applied and skilled talents with full development of  morality, wisdom,physique and aesthetics, optimum structure of knowledge, ability andquality , abilities to adapt to the socialist market economy and competitions, innovative entrepreneurial awareness, profound professional skills and good professional ethics, 

At present, JCVC consists of nine schools, namely, Schoolof Communication Arts, School of City Science, School of Information Engineering, Schoolof Construction Engineering, School of Public Management,School of Finance, School of of Foreign Languages, School of Public Course Teaching and School of Continuing Education. It offers 19 programmes: Logistics Management, Accounting, International Trade Practice, Environmental Monitoring and Control Technology, Urban Detection and Engineering Technology, Character Image Design (Modern Beauty orientation, Cosmetic Application orientation), Urban Landscape, Construction Engineering Technology, Construction Project Cost, Construction Equipment Engineering Technology, Architectural decoration Engineering Technology, Electromechanical Integration Technology, Applied  Electronic Technology, Computer Application Technology, Television Program Production, Advertising Design and Production, Decoration Art Design, Film and Television Animation and Business English, and has over 5,500 full-time students.

JCVC has 566 staff members, 112 of who are professors and associate professors,.And ithas built a double qualified teacher team with high academic level and rich experience in practice teaching, including the experts enjoying special government allowances of the State Council, the young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contribution to Jiangsu province, the training objectsof Jiangsu 333 project and the training objects of young andmiddle-aged academic leaders of Jiangsu Qinglan Project. It has long employed professional talents from industry enterprises and skillful craftsmen aspart-time teachers.

JCVC devotes much attention to the construction of modern teaching environment.Its head quater has nearly 160,000 square meters of school buildings, 1,800 teachingcomputers, 600 language lab seats and 6,850 multimedia classrooms seats. JCVC has set up a technologically advancead campus network and the first largest multi-functiondigital library in Jiangsuprovince, available to 300,000 registered users. It has good campus practice teaching condition and has built 2 provincial-level demonstration training bases, namely, the base of electronic and eomputer application and the base of pollutionmonitoring and control technology. It is also equipped with 56 types of campus laboratorywith advanced facilities. Cooperating with many industries such as finance, environmental protection, the news, IT, construction, equipment manufacturing, JCVChas built 72 substantive off-campus practice bases, covering many subject areassuch as science, engineering, liberal arts, business, management and art.

Since 2007, the headquater of JCVC has been approved by the provincial administrative department of education to build 2 provincial characteristic specialtiesand has completed two provincial quality courses, gained the provincialexcellent approved project of building four high-quality textbooks, 34 Jiangsu university students practice innovative training programs and 5 approved researchsubjects on teaching reforms of higher education inJiangsu province.It also won 2 secondprizes of provincial excellent teaching achievement.

At present, JCVC has established a good relationship of communication and cooperation with universities in the United States, Britain,Japan, Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong and Macao and has long hired foreign teachers toteach.