Foreign Language School Made a Research and Exchange Visit to Yuhua Community,Yuhua District

Views:10Author:YAN XUERONGTimes:2021-04-22Set Up

In order to further promote the working mechanism for university to serve industries and community and serve the society better, on the afternoon of April 21, Zhang Qiong, deputy secretary of the Party General Branch of Foreign language School, and Yuan Li, vice dean of the School, led some teachers to the Yuhua community in Yuhua district to carry out research and exchange.

Zou Weiwei, a staff representative of Yuhuatai District Civil Affairs Bureau, Qiu Haiyan, director of Yuhua Street Civil Affairs Office, led a total of 9 community directors and received the visitors. Both sides held exchanges on joint construction and cooperation .

At the meeting, Zou Weiwei introduced the advanced classified management model of Yuhua community in detail and the great efforts made to build an international community. As an excellent representative of Jiangsu Province, Yuhua community is committed to building a modern community governance of co-construction, co-management and sharing  which happened to coincide with JSOU’s core value :  innovation, open integration and sharing . Qiu Haiyan expressed her desire to connect with the strength of social organizations to further improve the level and ability of comprehensive service of Yuhua community which is a municipal-level demonstration one.

Zhang Qiong introduced the basic situation of Jiangsu Open University and School of Foreign languages, shared our cases of educational promotion service and cooperative construction for the society, and discussed the possibility of cooperation with Yuhua community in many aspects. Revolving around our school-running principles, objectives, advantages and possible cooperation directions, Yuan Li made a detailed explanation. Subsequently, the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on community education, curriculum customized services, academic and non-academic promotion, bilingual translation of logo signs,  foreign affairs activities such as translation and interpretation in international community, public welfare services, both sides initially reached a cooperative intention.