The 7th Sports Meeting Held at JSOU

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An early Spring morning on April 16 witnessed the grand opening of the 7th Sports Meeting. Wang Jianming, Cui Xinyou, Jin Lixia, Zhang Yibin, Wu Guanglin, You Jiachun, Wu Zhongning, Wang Wei, Niu Yutao, Zhang Xiao attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Jin Lixia, deputy secretary and vice president of the university's party committee.

Wang Jianming, secretary of the university party committee, declared the sports meeting open.

President Cui Xinyou made an opening speech. He said that this is a comprehensive physical education class for teachers and students to enjoy together. We are supposed to respond to General Secretary Xi's call to “enjoy fun, strengthen physique, perfect personality and temper will.” Athletes should better carry forward the sportsmanship of "Being higher, faster and stronger". An objective, fair and accurate refereeing is also expected, students are encouraged to move and create a positive sports atmosphere. He hoped that everybody enjoys the happiness of sports with his strong physique and reaps outstanding achievements as the Party's 100th birthday approaches.

Zhao Jianhua, Referee representative and Zhou Ya student athlete representative have solemnly sworn to abide by the competition discipline, fair referee, civilized participation and to ensure its smooth running.

At the opening ceremony, 11 teams of teachers and students step neat, slogan loud and clear, showing our positive, vigorous spirit. Young teachers and students of East Campus showcased their deep love and firm faith in the Communist Party of China by dancing the gift of youth. From 1921 to 2021, from the red 100 to the solemn national emblem, the students displayed their sincere feelings to the country and devotion to the party in happy formations.

The Games lasted from April 16 to 17, one day and a half full of tense and colorful moments, fierce and interesting scenes. The Games are divided into competitive events and fun programs. On the track and field, athletes run, jump, making hard efforts out of style and self-confidence, showing youth and vitality. On the basketball court is the recreation competition which is flexible, each in their own way. Group events unify people's efforts, require teamwork and produce creativity. Everybody heartily enjoys the joyful and health exercises.

The closing ceremony was held at 11:30 a.m. on 17 April. University leaders Jin Lixia, Zhang Yibin, Wang Wei, Zhang Xiao, members of Games Organizing Committee, some staff and all athletes were present. The closing ceremony was presided over by Vice President Zhang Yibin.